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Here in West Suffolk we want to help businesses save money by improving energy efficiency and managing environmental impacts, to help give you a competitive edge.

Carbon Trust research has shown that over 65 per cent of consumers think it's important to buy from environmentally responsible companies. West Suffolk businesses have easy access to advice, support and funding for projects to improve their energy efficiency.

We can give you advice or see if we can help through our Solar for Business scheme or West Suffolk Greener Business Grant.

Solar for Business

West Suffolk Solar for Business is a scheme run by West Suffolk Council which provides solar panels on the roofs of businesses for free. Electricity generated by the panels is sold to the business at a rate lower than their electricity tariff to help cut energy bills. So far 78 business premises have signed up to the scheme, preventing 1,670 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions being released into the atmosphere.

Don't take our word for it, read testimonies from local businesses and find out how to apply at West Suffolk Council - Solar for Business or contact:

Acoustic imager in use

Hire our Precision Acoustic Imager to detect air leaks

Help your business save money and the environment by hiring our acoustic imager for free.

Air systems are often the largest energy consumer in manufacturing businesses and frequently leak, costing energy and money. The acoustic imager, available to borrow for free, will identify these costly leaks.

Join the West Suffolk businesses who have on average found 28 leaks, which when fixed will lead to an estimated annual cost saving of £4,680, energy savings of 23MWh, and emissions savings of 5.8 tonnes CO2e.

The number of leaks found will depend on the length of your air lines, with larger systems that have more connections being likely to have a greater number of leaks.

We recommend you check your air compressors and air lines every 6 to 12 months as leaks frequently appear, particularly at connection points.

To book hire of the imager (for free), please email

Electric vehicle charging

West Suffolk Community Energy Plan

The West Suffolk Community Energy Plan is delivered directly by West Suffolk Council and through the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership. This partnership works with organisations across Suffolk to develop and deliver new programmes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We also support local business, communities and households.


Advice on energy efficiency and available grants can be found on the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership website.

Suffolk Carbon Charter accreditation

If your business wants to take action and gain an external accreditation the Suffolk Carbon Charter is a respected, low cost option. The Suffolk Carbon Charter can help a business show that it has green credentials. This is based upon ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard and established environmental management systems. Find out more about Accreditation schemes here.

For more information on energy efficiency, renewable energy and for advice about grants to improve energy efficiency contact

Further advice and support

Net Zero Innovation Fund

The Net Zero Innovation Fund is designed to support Small to Medium Enterprises (SME's) and help to cover startup costs towards innovative projects that enable an idea to be scaled to make a real difference in the journey to Net Zero.

Net Zero Business Advice Service

The Net Zero Business Advisor Service is a service where businesses can access a team of expert and impartial advisors for free to work towards net zero and develop their decarbonisation plans. 

Business Transition to Net Zero Grant

Business Transition to Net Zero Grant is open to businesses within Norfolk and Suffolk with ambitions to reduce their carbon footprint and increase productivity. Grants between £25k and £100k are available, with a maximum intervention rate of 20% of the cost of the development. Eligible schemes will include those which improve productivity for the business and supply chain and make use of clean and/or renewable energy production and the recycling of goods and materials.