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Rougham Hill

Site transformation will enhance town gateway and create jobs

Tuesday 16 August 2022

A former recycling centre could be transformed, enhancing a gateway used by thousands each day as they travel into Bury St Edmunds, and creating new jobs.

West Suffolk Council is inviting commercial interest from prospective tenants in the former household waste recycling centre site at Rougham Hill.

The Council, which will retain ownership and control of the site, will then consider what investment is needed to transform it for the benefit of the town, local communities and the create income for the funding of services to residents across the whole of West Suffolk.

Cllr Sarah Broughton, Cabinet Member for Resources and Property at West Suffolk Council said: “We recognise that there is huge potential for this strategically important site. Everyday thousands of drivers come in off this A14 junction into Bury St Edmunds. The site, although well screened, is the first that they come past. This is a main gateway into Bury St Edmunds and we believe it can be enhanced for the benefit of the town.” 

“Not only that, but the transformation of this site can bring new employment opportunities for the benefit of our local communities as well. We are keen to establish what the commercial interests are in this site, with a view to supporting employment growth in the area.”

“It is our expectation that there will need to be investment by the Council as landowner in order, to make this transformation happen. The Council is open to exploring opportunities for investment in this gateway site to deliver improvements for this part of the town and employment opportunities for its communities.”  

“Any investment will also generate income, which, given that our share of the Council Tax only funds a fifth of the costs of our services, is important to help pay for and maintain the day-to-day services that we provide to residents across the whole of West Suffolk.”

Councillors will consider the level of investment required in the coming months.

The site, which is around three acres, is being marketed by Carter Jonas on behalf of the Council. More details can be found at