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Dovecot with bikes underneath

Cycle stands forged for Abbey Gardens

Wednesday 23 November 2022

Master-crafted bike racks have been unveiled in the Abbey Gardens, Bury St Edmunds, for visitors to secure their cycles.

The blacksmith forged stands shelter under the wooden dovecot, by the tennis courts, and their arrow fletching design pays tribute to St Edmund. They were made by Stowlangtoft based Designs on Metal, who have also sculpted key pieces around the town.

The project was a result of partnership working with West Suffolk Council, and sponsorship by local bike shop Cycle King.

The idea began with Melanie Lesser, Chair of Bury and Beyond, who said,
“I know the gardens very well and noticed an increasing number of bikes being chained to the fencing of the new tennis courts, partially blocking the footpath. I contacted Cycle King and West Suffolk Council to see what could be done, and I am delighted with the result.”

Cllr Jo Rayner, West Suffolk Council Cabinet member for Leisure, Heritage and Community Hubs said,
“The design is a lovely compliment to the millennium the Abbey is celebrating this year. Healthy families and communities are a priority for this council and I’m so pleased that people are choosing to use their bikes to come and enjoy this beautiful space.”

Darren Hunt, Group Managing Director of Cycle King, who contributed £500, said,
“We are very pleased to put something back into our beautiful town, and to make cycling easier with a dedicated place to lock up your bike.”