West Suffolk has a thriving advanced manufacturing and engineering sector, with amazing businesses delivering cutting edge products. This may explain why the West Suffolk Manufacturing Group was the first of the manufacturing groups set up in Suffolk aligned to New Anglia Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering sector group (NAAME). We are located in the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor and with a brand new £10m STEM Innovation Campus you’d have to ask why you’d choose to locate your business anywhere else!

Arash Farboud, Founder and Chief Executive Arash Motor Company, tells us about his plans for the future and that he will always have a head office in Newmarket.

West Suffolk truly is the location for advanced manufacturing and engineering, below are just a few of the businesses that call us home:

  • Vitec has recently invested in a brand new £10m Centre of Excellence in Bury St Edmunds
  • Arash Cars has based its research and development and manufacture of its new electric hyper car in Newmarket
  • TAIT support world tours by the biggest acts on the globe from Haverhill

Katy Davies, MD at Camden Boss

Katy Davies, MD at Camden Boss and Vice Chair of the West Suffolk Manufacturing Group

“West Suffolk is an exceptional place to build a business. As an SME manufacturer, it sits in the heart of a truly collaborative business community with excellent transport links up to Norfolk and south straight down to Cambridge. Other than being completely beautiful, the area has a strong labour pool coming from the local communities and is well supported by local education infrastructure – particularly through West Suffolk College just down the road in Bury St Edmunds.”

Esther Cornell, MD at Cambridge Rapid

Esther Cornell, Managing Director at Cambridge Rapid and member of the West Suffolk Manufacturing Group

“Since moving into West Suffolk, we have been able to reduce and localise our supplier chain with the area being full of diverse businesses, this has enabled us to reduce our own transport costs. We have also increased our local customer base which has enabled us to further grow our business.

Local businesses are well supported by West Suffolk Council, particularly through the COVID crisis, but also with day-to-day business support which has assisted our development and growth.”