West Suffolk is a great place for business and a great place to live. Its connections with Cambridge and its place within the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor offer access to one of the world’s largest talent pools in agri-tech, food and healthcare. Additionally, West Suffolk’s beauty also makes it the perfect location for those wanting access to the one of the UK’s largest food supply chains.

The UK’s largest brewer and pub retailer Greene King started in 1799 in Bury St Edmunds, and continues to base its headquarters (and a fair few of its pubs!) in West Suffolk. CLAAS, Treatt and Forfarmers have all recently invested in brand new  multi-million pound Head Offices, while Direct Table Foods, Mizkan, IFF, Shelbourne Reynolds and British Sugar are just a few of the names producing household brands you might recognise that call West Suffolk their home.

West Suffolk is the location for all businesses. Companies such as Claydon Drills and Kalsec have evolved in this thriving agri-tech environment, basing their research and development and UK manufacturing in the beautiful West Suffolk Countryside. Don't just take our word for it, see what the businesses have to say in the videos below: