In the modern digital world, ICT, digital and creative businesses could in theory locate anywhere, but who wants to be just anywhere?

West Suffolk is not ‘just anywhere’. Located between the two world class universities, the Universtiy of Cambridge and the University of East Anglia, West Suffolk is centrally placed within the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor and it is within easy reach of London, offering a diverse talent pool on its doorstep. The area is also well positioned to benefit from Silicon Fen and the Cambridge Cluster of high-tech businesses who focus on software, electronics, AI (artificial intelligence) and e-commerce. The Cambridge Cluster is home to businesses such as Arm and has produced some of the UK’s most successful businesses and tech start-ups.

At The Epicentre, benefiting from the Cambridge connection, there is an emerging games development hub with SKC Games Studio and K9 Digital choosing Haverhill as their home. Matt Anderson, Commercial Director for marketplace amp, told us that whilst he will have other offices worldwide, he is here to stay in West Suffolk.