Newmarket in West Suffolk is acknowledged as being the premier location in the world for the training and breeding of thoroughbred racehorses, and is recognised as having a unique and vital place in the British economy, contributing in excess of £4bn per annum.

The annual training of over 3,000 racehorses on the historical gallops within and around the town, in conjunction with the surrounding stud farms significantly contribute to its distinctive and unique local character. West Suffolk District Council recognises that the horse racing industry in Newmarket contributes more that £240M annually to the local economy, with over 3,000 direct full-time equivalent employees, including significant part-time employment, and over 5000 attributable jobs in the wider area. It is correct to say that, not only does the industry permeate all of Newmarket, but that the town and its surroundings are heavily dependent on its success. 

In particular, the international nature of the town is a major strength with two racecourses, the National Horse Racing Museum, the British Racing School, Jockey Club Estates, The National Stud, three internationally renowned equine veterinary practices and Tattersalls collectively attracting visitors from more than 40 countries annually.  The international attractiveness of the town is thriving, with 40,000 racegoers alone during the July Festival week, and visitor spending providing extra income for, inter alia, hotels and shops. Discover Newmarket is the official tourism service for Newmarket and works with key stakeholders in the horse racing industry to promote the town as a key destination for the eastern region.  

Furthermore, through the strength and prosperity of the horse racing industry, Newmarket directly supports a broad range of ancillary businesses in association with the industry such as accountants, catering contractors, insurance specialists, marketing firms, IT and legal support services etc.  

The Newmarket Horse Racing Industry is crucial to the character and economic prosperity of the town and noted as a significant jewel in the crown of Suffolk.